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Infectious Grooves - The plague that makes your booty move...

Infectious Grooves Release Date: 09/10/1991
Released By: Sony / 550
ID Number:
Medium(s): CD & Cassette

Track Listings

1. Punk It Up
2. Therapy
3. I Look Funny?
4. Stop Funk'n With My Head
5. I'm Gonna Be My King
6. Closed Session
7. Infectious Grooves
8. Infectiosu Blues
9. Monster Skank
10. Back to the People
11. Turn Your Head
12. You Lie... And Yo Breath Stank
13. Do The Sinister
14. Mandatory Love Song
15. Infecto Groovalistic
16. Thanx But No Thanx

Produced by Mark Dodson with Mike Muir and Robert Trujillo.
Executive Producer: Ken Komisar

© 1991 Sony Music Entertainment Inc./Patent 1991 Sony Music Entertainment Inc./ Manufactured by Epic, A Division of Sony Music/666 Fifth Ave., P.O. Box 4455, New York, NY 10101-4455/"Epic" Reg. U.S. Pat. and Tm. Off. Marca Registrada.


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