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Vans Syndicate x Suicidal Tendencies

The Suicidal X Vans Syndicate collaboration grear has been released in Jan 2009, following Vans intent to pay tribute to fundamental bands on their sneakers-gear. Suicidal Tendencies has been bringing their own style to the masses since the early 80′s and has skateboarding street cred to spare.  As a result, Vans has decided to honor the band with their own signature Vans Era model.

The shoe has been released in both blue and black featuring embroidered markings reminiscent of frontman, Mike Muir’s trademark bandanas, as well as lyrics on the inner sole scribbled in classic Suicidal style in addition to 2 matching t-shirts, a hat and a belt.

Bearbrick x Suicidal Tendencies

Hooking up with legendary punk band Suicidal Tendencies, Medicom Toy presented their latest featured artist in the Bearbrick campaign in May 2009. Formed in Southern California in 1981 by Mike Muir, the band has endured over two very interesting decades in the music scene. Paying tribute to their Venice/Los Angeles area roots, the figure combines a blue base with white contrasting bandana-like print throughout. Figure comes in Medicom Toy’s 400% platform, still available at and through Medicom Toy.



Whats up CYCOS! With this first installment we start our reports from the road!

We all just got in Santiago-Chile after the band played the first of the two South American shows. Infectious Grooves went onstage yesterday night for the first time ever anywhere in South America at the SWU Festival right out of S.Paulo Brazil! No jet lag nor crazy flights and timings could stop the band from ROCKING a 50.000 people crowd! What a great way to expose Brasil to the IG machine, and what a great crowd to be able to play in front of. During the one hour long set, the band raged through all their classics from, Punk It Up, Violent n Funky, Turtle Wax, You Lie and reached the classic Therapy where 4 crazy maniacs (The Brasilian Osbourne's) had a chance to come over onstage and singalong!

Band closed the show calling Mr. Mike Clark on stage and surprising a crazy crowd with an intense Pledge Your Allegiance from ST. Brazilian CYCOS will hardly forget this crazy times! Infectious Grooves is already excited and looking forward to returning to Brasil and more South American countries in the future.

Next ST will hit stage at the Maquinaria Festival in Santiago-Chile presenting their new record NO MERCY FOOL-SUICIDAL ARMY! were already waiting for the band..this says everything, you don't want to miss tomorrow madness!

Thanx to the crazy Brazilian fans and be ready for more tomorrow! Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for more reports from the road!  


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