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SUICIDAL shows in Japan and Australia have been confirmed and announced!

While waiting for more info on Japan to come we have released the new promo video for the Aussie tour check it out here and spread it all over the net!

To all our aussie fans. Join the street team now promo material for the coming tour will be ready and released soon!

Start your loco chapter now!

Stay CYCO!

SxTx – Happy ending and a CYCO 2011!

Whats up people hope u all had some a nice Xmas and good holidays.

2010 is turning to an end and saw so many good things around ST and IG and all the CYCO familia…and 2011 will be even better with already confirmed Japanese and aussie shows and more to come with a summer tour new releases new projects new crazy merch!

2011 will definitely see the ST machine rolling worldwide be ready to support the CYCOS everywhere!

Thanx to everybody who showed up to the shows, supported the band, street teamers worldwide and you all guys be ready for a CYCO 2011!


All the best from all the STIGFAMILIA!

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