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As the 'Friends & Family 2' is the last cd to date, the latest promo have been launched to support the ST tours in Europe. Summer 2002 saw the guys back for another tour in big festivals and small clubs and our first idea was to have a black and white flyer filled with scratched tour pics and tour dates, something like the first ST flyers back in the 80s.

That really didn't worked and was replaced by the second idea of placing the tour pics in a film. Pics have been selected from some shows of the tours ST did since their reunion (thanx to all the people we stole pics for this flyer). As this was also the first tour with the new lineup we wanted to place the band promo shot as the first one in the film to present the new guys.

We tried to keep the flyer as our first idea, in black and white but it didn't worked, it really seemed too poor. So we just placed a light colored background and a strong red for the ST name to make it standing above the rest. The final colored version is working well but we noticed that black and white copies lost some impact, that's why we suggested in our promo packs to have it copied in full color.


…And the new year brought another new cd. In 2001 the 'Friends & Family 2' compilation is released and supported by another ST tour during the summer.
Once again we had a preview of the artwork of the cd some time before it was released so we got time to work on a new flyer as well as setting up another promo through Europe. At this time all the contacts with the streeteamers are taken through the mailing list and for the first time we're all alone handling all the promo activities as Peter and Ruben left to concentrate only on the work for the official ST webpage.

The flyer promoting the new compilation is quite simple we just felt to have an easy artwork as we had to fill the flyer with all the bands appearing in the cd. As the main image, we selected the classic old ST skull as we didn't really felt comfortable with the cover of the new cd…Just our choice but we think it worked out better! We also felt it was time to do a poster promoting the tour as well and the artwork used on the back of the cd gave us a cool idea…ST was touring again in Europe and we saw it like a bus 'LoadOfFreaks' making stops all over the country. It didn't really worked out in the beginning but we stayed on that idea till it was done and in the end we think we got a good one.

Even if filled with all the tourdates and few other info on the newest ST releases it doesn't loose its visual impact. Just few days before the tour Mike got in touch and gave us the possibility to handle and sell the ST and DT merch to the street team members as well as shops all over EU so we just got a day to work out a small flyer and press it for the tour, that's really an easy one but made things moving and a lot of you guys jut got a great chance to have some cool ST merch!

This flyer has always been at the merch boot starting with this European tour.
All the promo packs sent for this promo included also a flyer released by the European record label that distributed the new compilation.


The band was keeping an incredible rhythm and year 2000 saw the release of the new IG cd 'Borracho', the new ST 'Free Your Soul And Save My Mind' cd as well as a new summer tour in EU combining headlining shows in clubs with classic European summer festivals. This will be a classic for the band in the next years: summer will see ST coming down to Europe. The Street Team is consolidated now and a huge work through the mailing list keeps it alive even when there's nothing to promote. A new massive promo started in May 2000, we got a new flyer to promote the release of 'Free Your Soul…' while we kept the original flyer from the European record label for the new IG 'Borracho'. This was a huge step for us, for both the promo and the flyer.

The promo is left in our own hands no call up will be posted on the official webpage, the EU mailing list is so huge as the first promo attracted many people and the word is spreading all over. This is our first flyer in full color, it comes with elements from the new ST cd cover and we think that the lookout is killer. Colors and shades are balanced so that a black and white copy can work as well and the flyer is filled with just few info due to the huge artwork on the background. Even if the liner notes seem to be lost in the background, the growth of the quality of all the flyer is unquestioned and left the band fully satisfied.

We had an incredible amount of flyers printed for the tour and we finally followed some shows around EU with the band. The promo was massive especially in the big festivals with Mike hangin' out after the shows to sign flyers for the fans….You for sure have one signed at home!

Just a last note, the IG cd was released in EU with some bonus tracks from different bands like CycoMiko, Creeper etc under the title 'Mas Borracho'. Just a gift from the band for the EU fans who saw the EU tour cancelled the previous year due to Mike pneumonia…The pneumonia E.P.

SxTx - Back home!

Whats up everybody! 

We're all back home safe and well and I thought it was about time to drop a couple of lines for you guys
while outside it's super duper summer and hellahot! Tour is now over and it all went the real right way. The band and everybody was super stocked of the response over all the dates and everything went by far from expectations. So thanx everybody for supporting us at the shows, pop up at the merch booth to say hi and for all the great times!!
...but please no more skabazak!!!lol!
On the street team promo side, we're ain't too satisfied on how it went. Couldn't barely see few promo material around while on tour. Not that much reports got in compared to how many promo packs we shipped.
So once again, this is a lot of work for a lot of people if you ask for the promo material we'd like to know what you did to support the band. We'll see if keeping this thing alive or really depends on you...
This email will try and keep u updated as usual on any news around the band so no fear.

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