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Resistance Tour 2003

As happened the previous year, 2003 doesn't see any new release and the band doesn't plan any tour for the summer…but a big announcement is soon posted on the official webpage, ST are invited to headline the winter infamous Resistance Tour with an awesome lineup including bands like Madball, Ignite, Sworn Enemies, Backfire and many more. Even if the tour is planned in a very cold November with 18 shows in 18 days a lot of excitement surrounds everybody, especially the Italian fans as after 10 years the band has a booked show in Milan-Italy.

The band is also celebrating their 20 years around so we started working on a new promo flyer and we came out with what we think is our best work ever. First idea was to have an old school ST skull near a new school one above a blank spot to be filled with info on the local shows. We didn't wanted to have all the tour dates in it again as it's quite hard to fit everything and the artwork looses quality. The result wasn't as expected so we had to change the old school skull with the one used on the 'F&F1' cover…We reworked it including an OG sign and the result was killer! Mike was very satisfied with the design of the two skulls and he wanted to print a tour shirt that has been sold on every show of the tour.

The main work was done but it took us even more time to find a right intro for the flyer and after many 'crazy' attempts the 'Cycos Are Back' slogan was selected and the flyer sent out again all over Europe. This time we were forced to have the flyer in black and white as that's how the left skull was printed on the 'F&F1' cover anyway a colored version was done as well but has not been sent out. The promo packs included also a new version of the merch flyers as the guys couldn't provide us anymore the DT merch after giving the distribution to Dark Horse dist.

This tour saw also a lot of local promo in Italy, we printed some promo stickers for the show (designed from some great friends of the Italian ST crew), made contact between magazines and the band, lot of articles have been released along with a compilation cd including one ST song. A meet&greet with the band was also planned in a music shop in Milan and a dedicated flyer was realized, but had to be cancelled as the tourbus broke the previous day and the band arrived right in time just to play the show. The great response on this promo as well as the great artwork of the new flyer left us completely satisfied, the guys got a chance to make the best tour ever since their come back and beside Mike's bad accident to his back it was a killer experience…Till the next time!
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