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As the 'Friends & Family 2' is the last cd to date, the latest promo have been launched to support the ST tours in Europe. Summer 2002 saw the guys back for another tour in big festivals and small clubs and our first idea was to have a black and white flyer filled with scratched tour pics and tour dates, something like the first ST flyers back in the 80s.

That really didn't worked and was replaced by the second idea of placing the tour pics in a film. Pics have been selected from some shows of the tours ST did since their reunion (thanx to all the people we stole pics for this flyer). As this was also the first tour with the new lineup we wanted to place the band promo shot as the first one in the film to present the new guys.

We tried to keep the flyer as our first idea, in black and white but it didn't worked, it really seemed too poor. So we just placed a light colored background and a strong red for the ST name to make it standing above the rest. The final colored version is working well but we noticed that black and white copies lost some impact, that's why we suggested in our promo packs to have it copied in full color.

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