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We left you all while we were in Spain ready to play the Resurrection festival in Viveiro Spain...after that it was simply a rush!
Show in Spain was killer, late night packed field after a never ending signing session. No time to sort things after the show and we're on the plane to fly to Amsterdam for the Vans Downtown Showdown after party.
Thanx to Vans for having us there. Location, contest and show were killer.
Played and done it's time to fly back to US and in no time out for the three shows in a row, the HC Bowl in Philly, and the two Heavy TO and MTL festivals in Canada.
All the shows went just crazy.
Now we're all back home for some weeks before heading out for the two shows in AZ in late Sept. Tempe and Tucson ready to represent CYCO style!
Now we finally have some time to catch up with old and new projects and a lot of things that are going to happen!
...But first of all, thanx to everybody who showed up at the shows, in the mud, in the desert, in the rain. Thanx for your support!
It's just the beginning, we'll be rolling with more and more soon!
Friday night in Spain! 
Gonna be a blaST! ST goes on at 12:30 am (yes Spanish STyle). After the show, jump straight on bus, drive 2 hours to airport and fly to AmSTerdam for the Vans Downtown Showdown MonSTer afterparty. This will definitely end a great tour on another high note!
And speaking of which one of the many interviews from the Exit Festival. 
Located at a huge Castle on a hill in Serbia, this is the biggest festival in Eastern Europe. 
ST had the honor of being on the Mainstage and what a great show and cyco crowd! 
The spots on the pictures are from the dust/dirt from the crowd slamming. Hard to breath, but great to see. 
Hopefully you were able to catch the live STream video broadcast. 
Also, was cool to see Thundercat there, as he was playing with Eryka Badu, and jumped on STage with for a lil "Memories of Tomorrow".
It was great to be able to come back to Serbia and do it right this time!
Massive thanks to the festival, organizers, all the cool people that came and represented! 
Definitely a huge highlight and another truely unforgettable gig! Can't wait to come back and do it again. Cyco STyle!
Getting down to the last of the summer Euro tour.
Big Thanks to Biarritz for another sold out show. Always great gigs in France! Although expected, always appreciated...killer crowds going off for this gig, as well as the two French festivals, Artsonic and Lezards Sceniques. Merci!
Up next...
Check the flyer for the last festival, friday night in Spain in the tour section! See all you Spanish Cycos there!
And don't forget Saturday in AmSTerdam, the MonSTer Party, after the Vans Downtown Showdown.
Also, here's a quick clip off the Exit Festival in Serbia that has been aired on TVs all over East Europe. Enjoy!
Travel day took us in Selestat France to play the Lezarts Sceniques Festival tomorrow after playing the Tivoli in Utrecht last night.
Tivoli is an awesome venue located in an old building in a nice area in Utrecht. Show was packed and damm hella hot! Lot's of people and skaters showed up after the skate session the day before and thanx for all the fans that attended the sweat like crazy in that venue representing CYCO style!
Today update is a behind the scene-backstage and 'the workers' report. Those guys make it happen for you all the nights..or at least they try their best!
After the first six installments of the Suicidal Skate n Slam Event in Australia, the one at the skatepark in Oslo and Italy last summer, we hit the skatepark of Utrecht on our day off for another run with our skate fans!
The Holland event was an overall success! Skatepark in Utrecht is a really good one, located in a nice park, easy bowl and small street area, mellow attitude, very nice people and tonz of fans to surround the bowl.
We run an easy and nice contest for youngster and older skaters along with a next  trick contest, Monster showed up with energy drinks beers and hamburgers, everybody was stocked and happy!
ST prizes to the best skaters and free stuff for the fans that attended, pictures and signature with the band made everybody happy!
Thanx to our friends Pauly and Big L of 14teen Skateboards to help us set up the event, the guys at the skatepark and Martjin from Monster.
Thanx to all the fans that showed up, travelled hours to be there or just to skate with us!
See you all tonight at the show at the Tivoli!
Skate n Slam!
So the 'Devil' run of the EU shows is right over. We're on a well deserved day off right after playing the ZwarteCross Festival in Holland...a sign was waiting for us at the entrance of the field we had to play...'Welcome to Hell'. Inside the field you could read 'Hell ain't a bad place to be'...let's talk bout that!
A muddy field didn't stopped our fans to show up for a full house show! Thanx for your support in such critical places! you're like warriors! Sun was shining and we managed to survive the madness of this huge of the craziest we've ever been!
The day before we visited back the city of Oberhausen. After playing there in Jan during the Persistence Tour, we hit the outdoor festival 'Deviside', same venue as the Pers but outdoor.
We started the day with a packed signing session at the Monster tent, then hit the stage late night to a crazy crowd of German cycos. Devil is now away from us and we're ready to move in Utrecht for the skate demo and signing session there before playing the Tivoli the day after..Don't miss it!

See you guys out there!
This week in ST...
Just got finished doing the Zwarte Cross yesterday. What a crazy event that is. Over 165,000 people invade some farm lands and experience this huge Motocross, meets madness fair on steroids. 
Playing the summer music festivals in Europe is great, but this was an entired different beast. To get a taste of what it is you need to look it up. 
And special thanx to all that came out and invaded the STage with ST!

Next up...
Suicidal SKATE n SLAM Summer Session HOLLAND 24th JULY
We are very proud to announce our first Little get together called "Suicidal Skate and Slam Summer session HOLLAND". All will take place july 24th 19.00 hrs at 
Griftpark - Witte Vrouwensingel 88, Utrecht - Netherlands. 
As special guests we will show up for a chat, a drink and some fun. 
Do you live in Holland and want more info? Send an e-mail to 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

24th july 2012 - 19.00 hrs. 
Griftpark - Witte Vrouwensingel 88, Utrecht - Netherlands 
With special guests: Pro skaters and members of Suicidal Tendencies

Wednesday...Utrecht Holland
ST live at Tivoli

Friday....Selestat France
ST live at Lezards Sceniques Festival

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows/events/festivals, and thanks for making this such a great tour and with some insane shows that we'll all remember.
The SlottJall Festival in Norway takes place in a beautiful location on a hill. Our stage was on the top of that inside an old castle ruins and with spectacular view on the surrounding lakes. Weather was cold but no rain at all so the show went on smooth and fast but we were on tight schedule as we had to fly out early morning to reach the Artsonic Festival in France.
Enjoy the pictures!
So after the desert hot in Serbia, our good friend 'the rain' was waiting for us again in Belgium.
Landed the same day of the festival after one of the worst flight that anyone could ever imagine, outside weather looked terrible and officer words at the passport control didn't make it better...'you guys are playing Dour today? Do you have boots with you?!'...Welcome to the mud festival!
This is the first time ever I don't even take one step literally in a festival field that we're playing that was mud hell!
Show went on in a super packed tent, managed to take some pics for you but dust (yes inside the tent it was dust all over!) and few lights onstage made it quite hard. Show was super cool thanx for all the brave CYCOs that have been there representing. You rule!
Exit Festival in Serbia was an all over success. Beside the awesome location in an old castle with infinite stages etc, Exit is on of the uniquest festival we ever played.
Not an easy ride but we got there on time to deal with all the press there, sort merch, extra works, cruise around and finally set up the show on main stage by time. 9:00 o'ocklock we were ready to hit the thousands of CYCOS there!
Thanx to Nikky for helping us sorting out the press thing and all the crew, people that helped out there it was again a real unique experience.
Enjoy the pics!
press gallery : 
official Exit Festival Gallery :
NEW! TV broadcast of Mike interview and live clips :
Hey! Is this the 'storm' tour?!
We got blessed and avoid a huge storm hitting Budapest - Hungary just 45min after our set!
Crazy fans there and we killed CYCO style!
Got to Slovenia and played indoor a crazy hot venue insans show as forecats announced another storm hitting later..
Croatia was no there and huge black clouds waiting for us but luckly made it throogh again!
Now at the awesome Exit festival....37's gonna be insane!
Check pictures and don't miss the show see you out there!
Finland welcomed us with dark clouds and a never ending travel from the airport to the festival...but it were kind enough to let us play before hell hit the festival rain style!
A packed tent of CYCOs ready to rip!
Second 'pic' tour update posted!
Now we're all ready for a 2 days travel to Hungary..see you all there!
SUICIDAL just rocked the Getaway Festival in Sweden!
We're starting a picture tour report in the Tour Report section so whenver possible we'll be posting pictures of the shows right after! So keep on checking back for new pics and we'll try and let you know when new posts will be out!
See you on the road don't miss the pre cd CYCO insanity!


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