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Aussie Tour approaching!

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Getting excited about the upcoming Australian dates! First off, some of our good mates will be filming the upcoming dates and all the going's on around the tour. Luke's got the HD Helmet cam and crew to catch the band live and the crowd going Cyco! We'll also be hitting up some of the beaches and skate spots etc, on the days off.  We'll have more info on this shortly. And of course working out details for the end of tour BBQ!

We are also proud to announce that MCST will be THE special MC for the night!  Yes, Mike Clark will be previewing some new tracks at the shows. He'll give a little behind the scenes report, let you in on a few secrets and hook you up with the latest info on the band, and give you a preview of some ot the new releases coming out next year of Suicidal Records... New ST, IG and Cyco Miko.  Opening all 3 shows will be the Dreamkillers, then MCST to get the Cyconess in force and then of course ST will hit the stage.  Lastly, get your tickets, when they are gone, they are gone! Kings Beach Tavern is sold out at oztix. They have a couple left at the venue.  Byron Bay has a limited amount left at oztix, none at the venue.

Give your mates a call and tell them to hurry up or miss out on these shows.  We know lots of people are planning to travel to one or more of these shows, please make sure you buy your tickets first. We will not be able to get any more tickets, regardless of how far you travelled. We do want to thank everyone for all their help with these shows and helping us to promote and put them on ourselves. Thanx again for the support and see you all in Oz soon!

3 sold out shows...Thanks Australia!

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ST would like to thank all the OZ Cyco's that came to the shows and helped in any way.

  • Special thanks to all the venues...Charlie at Byron Bay, Gav at Coolies and Julez at King's Beach Tavern.
  • Thanks to Luke and crew for filming. We'll post a sample and update after the holidays.
  • Thanks to Sarah for sorting the work permits for the band and Andy for sorting the Cyco's with merch.
  • Thanks to Brent and Mole for working the stage and tour managing.
  • Thanks to all the people that went to more than one show and or travelled long distances to get to a show.
  • Thanks to all the people that passed out flyers and spread the word.
  • Thanks to Metal for cooking up a mean BBQ.

We had a great time and look forward to coming back and playing lots more dates in OZ.
Next up, look for IG in Australia and ST in New Zealand...after the ST and IG do trade off dates in Europe starting March. More news shortly.

P.S. All the Aussies, please sign up for the Australian mailing list if you haven't already.

Aussie Tour has started!

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Bryon Bay...The Australian Pre Invasion Begins!
The band has arrived safe and everyone is ready for the first gig.
Thanks again to all those that helped with passing flyers, spreading the word, and all the support for getting this short run off with a sold out show!

A special thanks to all those flying in for tonights show. And all the really cool emails we received.
Tickets...Again tonights show is sold out. Sunshine Coast is sold out. Some tickets remain for Fridays show. Check out to buy online or contact the Coolangatta Hotel for more info.

Merch....We have a pretty full line of merch at the shows. Some limited quantities though. Be sure and check out the tour shirt by Alan...and the new ST shorts. Lorenzo will be there in spirit!

Filming....Luke and his crew will be filming all 3 out for the helmet camera! More news later on this special project.

3 Ticket packs..Brent will be sorting the tickets for all those that bought tickets for all 3 shows today in Bryon Bay.

See you tonight, and you know it's gonna be Cyco!

Merch Update!

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First, thanks for all the orders and support! This has been by far the biggest year ever for merch, and this Christmas has been way more than we could expect. We've all been doing our best to get out all the orders and special requests for Christmas, but we can not take on any more special orders or predict delivery time.

We're out of stock on a few items and getting more in all the time. We are out of Flipskull windbreakers and there are many orders in size small that we are out of and won't be getting more in till next year.  We just got more Flex fit hats in and those orders will go out monday.
We'll contact you with the status of your order if there is a problem. We're trying to get all your orders out within the day, but that's not always possible.
We have been shipping everyday and doing our best.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all and all the beST in 2010!
Gene and the Crew at Triple M

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