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These are the first flyers we ever made way back in early 1998 right after the release of the F&F-EpicEscape cd. They're quite simple and raw, we based our work on the original flyers we got directly from the band but we felt we had to add the name of the band in the classic Sui font to make it more notable as well as some additional info like band contact etc…Looking at them now we feel they're carrying too many infos but that was our main goal when doing it, let everybody know that ST were back.

In the bottom part of the flyers you can read what was supposed to be the title of the ST come back cd, it was then changed into Freedumb. These flyers were part of a massive distribution, we handed out like 3.000 flyers in a whole afternoon during a stop here in Milan of the Warped Tour.

The EU Street Team wasn't up yet and these flyers were distributed just locally in Milan and some other clubs in other Italian cities.


It was late October and Mike was going to spend a couple of months in Australia and got a great chance to set up a spoken word show there. The show was supposed to introduce the new release Return To Venice as well as telling stories around and behind ST.

Mike checked in just a couple of days before leaving as the promoter was asking for a flyer/poster to promote the show but he didn't really had anything in his hands so decided to ask us to have it done as soon as possible. With such a short advice we didn't really had time to work on a new flyer, no time to throw down and discuss anything new, it would have taken too much time.

So after a brief talking we decided to rework the promo flyer used during the Resistance Tour and came up with this new one. Mike was satisfied with the result and the promoter too, I got a couple of emails telling me that the poster was printed and pasted all over the area.

Obviously the poster was just released in Australia so it's not really a 'Street Team' work but we wanted to have it posted here anyway…waiting for the new promo to be started…stay tuned!

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