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SxTx IxGx EU Tour Promo Launched!

New SxTx and IxGx Tour is getting near and we need your help to spread the word!
If you live in Europe you can subscribe to the street team in this section and give your help!
A reward cyco pack will be ready for the best street teamer so be ready to do your best!
All info on the promo and link to donwload the official promo stuff will be sent through the dedicated mailing list and to all the new subscibers. Promo pack will be available as well!
Start your own loco chapeter now! Spread the cyco word!

New Summer tour 2010 promo launched!

Whats up everybody!…well we told you that 2010 should have definitely be the Year Of The Cycos!
After announcing the new ST IG summer tour (which is one of the biggest ever with many huge festivals presence) we’re ready to release the new promo material!
Thanx to our homie Alan for all the hard work!
You can download the new material right here:
A couple of things.
First. You’ll find a lil surprise while checking the new stuff. We have a new CM-IG live record coming out in June, street date will be announced shortly and u can find here a lil preview of the new artwork.
Second. We were on a rush to settle everything for the new tour. More work must be done including planning the new merch but be sure we’ll have some new stuff out for all u crazy cycos. That’s why we could release the new promo stuff just now.
This means we won’t be shipping any promo pack for this promo. We’re definitely late and we really don’t have time to take care of that.
So we need all you help to promote the tour on your own.
Download the new stuff and spread it all over!
Same rules. We need all your effort there and reports, pictures of your work. We always have some good prizes for you street teamers so be sure to do that! The more the better.
We have more news coming soon!
In the meantime go and do your best to promote the tour!
Thanx everybody!
Stay CYCO!

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