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Persistence tour is over but the great memories will live on.
Big Thanks to all the people that came out to make it such a great tour and success. Lots of sold out shows, most in advance, thousands of people out in force, lots of old and new Cycos and some really great shows. Big Thanks also to Marc and all at MAD booking for putting on such a killer event, all the bands on the tour...Biohazard, Terror, Walls of Jericho, Lionheart and Crushing Caspers.
6 bands in 2 buses traveling after each show to get to the next town, 11 shows in 11 days, no days off. The Crushing Caspers played and then were roadies for all the other bands. Lots of good people, and great bands giving it there all night after night. It was an honor for ST to be able to Headline this great tour!
For those that missed it or couldn't get tickets, here's a link to "War inside my Head" from the last show of the tour in Paris.

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