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The band was keeping an incredible rhythm and year 2000 saw the release of the new IG cd 'Borracho', the new ST 'Free Your Soul And Save My Mind' cd as well as a new summer tour in EU combining headlining shows in clubs with classic European summer festivals. This will be a classic for the band in the next years: summer will see ST coming down to Europe. The Street Team is consolidated now and a huge work through the mailing list keeps it alive even when there's nothing to promote. A new massive promo started in May 2000, we got a new flyer to promote the release of 'Free Your Soul…' while we kept the original flyer from the European record label for the new IG 'Borracho'. This was a huge step for us, for both the promo and the flyer.

The promo is left in our own hands no call up will be posted on the official webpage, the EU mailing list is so huge as the first promo attracted many people and the word is spreading all over. This is our first flyer in full color, it comes with elements from the new ST cd cover and we think that the lookout is killer. Colors and shades are balanced so that a black and white copy can work as well and the flyer is filled with just few info due to the huge artwork on the background. Even if the liner notes seem to be lost in the background, the growth of the quality of all the flyer is unquestioned and left the band fully satisfied.

We had an incredible amount of flyers printed for the tour and we finally followed some shows around EU with the band. The promo was massive especially in the big festivals with Mike hangin' out after the shows to sign flyers for the fans….You for sure have one signed at home!

Just a last note, the IG cd was released in EU with some bonus tracks from different bands like CycoMiko, Creeper etc under the title 'Mas Borracho'. Just a gift from the band for the EU fans who saw the EU tour cancelled the previous year due to Mike pneumonia…The pneumonia E.P.

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