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SxTx - Back home!

Whats up everybody! 

We're all back home safe and well and I thought it was about time to drop a couple of lines for you guys
while outside it's super duper summer and hellahot! Tour is now over and it all went the real right way. The band and everybody was super stocked of the response over all the dates and everything went by far from expectations. So thanx everybody for supporting us at the shows, pop up at the merch booth to say hi and for all the great times!!
...but please no more skabazak!!!lol!
On the street team promo side, we're ain't too satisfied on how it went. Couldn't barely see few promo material around while on tour. Not that much reports got in compared to how many promo packs we shipped.
So once again, this is a lot of work for a lot of people if you ask for the promo material we'd like to know what you did to support the band. We'll see if keeping this thing alive or really depends on you...
This email will try and keep u updated as usual on any news around the band so no fear.

Now some news.
We have a limited amount of leftover merch from the tour. It includes, badanas, new CDS,. LPS and PICTURE DISCS...All available for you guys and shipped from Europe.
I'm just sorting out  couple of details with Mike and I'll release all the info on ordering etc.
So if u intend to buy one of the new Year Of The Cycos wait few days and u can order to me directly!
Band will be on a held for a lil bit.
We plan to have out some new music before the end of the year and all the new albums early next year.
Jan 2010 should see a full line of ST merch sponsored by VANS and available at all the shops!
More news on that coming soon!
Somebody said new webpage layout.....Pauly's on that and waiting for Mike's GO!
In the meantime our good lazy Dutch did a quick interview with Deano, you can check it out at the official webpage!
I think that's all so far! Will be back to u soon!
Have good fun in the summer and stay CYCO!
Thanx for the good times!
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