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Here's were it all started. The band was finally releasing their first full length after their reunion and wanted to have it promoted by the fans worldwide so a 'call at arms' was posted on the official ST webpage. Mike and the band wanted us to manage the promo in Europe while they were dealing with the US one personally. I can remember Mike M and Mike C calling on the phone the fans who responded at the call on the website and sending out promo packs all over US. ST were back in their own way.

We got a preview of the cover some time before the release of the new cd and got ready a two sided flyer to promote the release. Mike introduced us to our friends Peter and Ruben from Belgium, provided us with SUICIDAL and DOGTOWN SKATES merch catalogs and the promo started. He passed us all the contacts he got from Europe and we were sharing them with the Belgians who were covering the central/northern part of Europe while we were covering the central/southern part. That was a massive one, we put a lot of effort in it, so many promo packs were shipped and thinking about it nowadays it really makes us proud of it.

A first EU mailing list was created with the contacts Mike gave us and I started keeping all those guys posted with info and news on the band…We even didn't knew it but the four of us gave birth at the first ever ST European street team.
Speaking about the flyer itself, it shows a growth compared to the previous one with some more complex artwork based on our own project. This flyer along with some copies of the official one released in US was sent all over Europe and you probably own one at your homeplace!

On the back of the flyer we got the promo of the first huge tour after ST comeback as well. The band was invited to play the 99 Warped Tour in US and Europe, unfortunately during the last US shows Mike got a bad pneumonia that forced the band to cancel the EU tour, but that didn't stopped us to travel in few cities and meet some of our good streetteamers as well as our pals Peter and Ruben. The meeting with the band was just postponed to the next year.

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