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Tour dates 2016


 05/27 Germany - Munich - Rockavaria
 05/28 Germany - Dortmund - Rock im Riever
 05/29 Germany Berlin - Huxley's - HEADLINING - Tickets
 05/30 Poland - Krakow - Kwadrat - HEDLINING - Tickets
  06/01 Germany - Leipzig - Taubchenthal -  HEADLINING - Tickets
 06/02 Tcheq Republic - Praha - Lucerna Music - HEADLINING - Tickets
 06/03 Romania - Timisoara - R:evol:ution Festival
  06/05 The Netherlands - Nijmegen - Fortarock



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New Era x Suicidal Tendencies

Despite its fringe status and the endless rotation of band members, 2 things remained constants the last 3 decades for the band Suicidal Tendencies: the involvement of founder/lead singer/song writer Mike Muir through all its incarnations and its impact being as one of first band to cross elements of metal rock and punk music.  
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of of its debut/self titled album released in 1983, New Era in collaboration with MedicomToy created a limited run of its 59FIFTY caps.  Each features the band’s name as classic logo and SUICIDAL writing right under the hat's brim, like the classic OG Flip-Up hats that have been the band's trademark forever.
Presented at the 2008 Medicom Toy convention, the first test press were the black on black and black on white logo hats.
Classic black with white logo has then been released along with the first two later in 2008 and a variation with neon coloring was released in April 2009. 
All hats were produced in a very limited run.
A later collaboration with snowboard brand 686, took New Era back at work with ST to release a very unique limited edition of an unique mesh hat. Check the 686 collab link for all the info.




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Cyco STyle video release....
The New Album countdown begins!
13 Years since the last new ST cd, the 13th ST release, 13 new songs, finally out in 2013.

Tomorrow is March 13th, 13 days before "13" is released.

Cyco STyle is the first video release.
See what happens when 70,000 Brasilian Cycos hit the streets of Sao Paulo at 9:00 A.M. on a Sunday Morning. Definitely a Cyco Sunday.
Filmed by Pep Williams last May while the band was on tour in Brasil, make sure you check this out and forward to your friends.
It will be released on the Suicidal Tendencies You Tube Channel at midnight tonight, Sao Paulo time

Also, please represent Suicidal no matter where you live tomorrow on the 13th.
Wear your ST shirt, hat, hoodie, or however you want to show your ST pride. If you can't because of work or school, hide it underneath superman STyle :)
Be sure to post it on instagram using tag #suicidal13 or @suicidaltendencies and tweet out (@officialstig) about the new video and cd and a favorite ST lyric.


SxTx Update - A word from Mike Clark

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ST is proud and excited to have "Waking the Dead" on the entire tour. This new band will be very familiar to all ST Cycos. Make sure you get there early to check them out. Here is an intro by Mike Clark about his plans for 
"Waking the Dead".
Hello everyone, this is Mike Clark, rhythm guitarist for Suicidal Tendencies 25 years strong!
Some of you may be wondering what I've been up to for the last 7 months or so.
Well, I've always had a dream of fronting my own band, that is playing both rhythm and lead guitars and singing which is why I left Suicidal in June to recreate the band I founded in 1985, No Mercy.
Unfortunately I cannot use the name, No Mercy, as it's been trademarked by W.W.E., so we are now calling the band "Waking The Dead".
We are re releasing the No Mercy original album, which Mike Muir sang on with two additional tracks, also featuring Muir on vocals to let you know where and how the band would sound had it kept going.
Also, I, with Waking the Dead, have been given the great opportunity to open the show for Suicidals upcoming tour this April which is a great honor for us.
After that, look forward to a Waking the Dead full length album in the near future.
Once again, I can't tell you how excited and honored I am to hit the stage again!
So get ready for your ears to bleed, that head to bang and that slam pit to go off!!
STraight from the heart,
Mike Clark
Waking The Dead
Suicidal for Life
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