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Dimebash 2011

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 For those that missed it and asked us about it...
December 14th Monster presented "Dimebash 2011", an annual benefit concert to remember Dimebag Darrell Abbott. One hundred percent of the proceeds raised at the 2011 DimeBash were donated to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up & Shout Cancer Fund. 
ST singer Mike Muir was asked to sing to 2 songs, "War inside my Head" and Pantera's "Fucking Hostile". Here's a link someone posted of "War inside my head".
Also, check out
for more info on the event and link to "Fucking Hostile". 
All the beST in 2012!
Have a Cyco New Year!


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ST is back from the December shows. Starting in Holland in a snow storm and heating up the Speedfest, then flying STraight to Australia (where it's summer) for 6 shows and ending up in New Zealand at a packed Powerstation, then getting back just in time to spend Christmas with our families. Thanks to all that made it out to this tour or any of the shows this year, and all the support. 


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I've been a Suicidal fan for well over 10 years now... ever since a kid at school turned me onto punk rock. Now at the age of 25 I've had a couple tickets to shows, and for whatever dumbass reason or another something terrible would happen beyond my control and I would miss the show. Bullshit I know!

So, I'm dating this guy that loves music as much as I do... Rowdy... and he runs into Efrem of Death By Stereo and they decide we're going to Las Vegas on Dec 16th for the show. Completely random. I took a couple days off from work and we high-tailed it to Las Vegas. Just to see SUICIDAL!

We get there, check in, take the tram... we meet some guys from Chili that came to see Suicidal on the tram and I was trying to speak Spanish to no avail... the show was AMAZING. SxTx had so much energy! I couldn't help but feel compelled to get a little crazy... I was looking at the circle pit and HAD to get some!

I went around a few times... came out... drank a beer and went back to the front of the stage where I like to be. They started playing a song from the new album and I was REALLY feeling it! So I went back in the pit again... fell down... got picked up... and ran around a couple more times. Just as I was about to make my exit - someone came flying right onto my leg and crushed my ankle. I limped over to Rowdy and told him I was hurt! haha! Now I never broke a bone before, but it sure happened... and it happened at the House Of Blues Las Vegas in the pit with Suicidal jamming new material! I seriously wouldn't have it any other way! When we got back to Orange County everyone thought I was a mad-woman because I was sort of bragging that I broke my foot in the pit. I will never forget that show... I will always love the ST family... and I can't wait till my foot is all good again to get my ass back in the crowd where I BELONG! Love you guys!
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