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OG S.N.A.P.'z - News report

OG S.N.A.P.'z here, with my ear to the alley, and eye on the STreet.

I got my new section, representing with facts, rumors, insights and some shit talking when necessary. But lets' throw down some tibids rollin the rumor grapevine...

Cyco among us? ST STudio's own ESTeban and a friend chased after a bank robber as he was leaving the bank, and followed him to the get away car. Police then took up the pursuit and then the bullets were flying. The robber and driver ended up getting shot and killed in a gunfight. Esteban is safe and all he and his friend got were $250 dollars each for a reward.
He Esteban, I know you are crazy ass Columbian, but next time, well let's hope there isn't a next time.

Is James Muir, Mike's older brother and owner of DogTown skates, turning into a hollywood STar? First a guest appearance in "The Lords of Dogtown" as the security guard talking with "Skip" (played by Heath Ledger ) and now an American Express commercial?
Rumors have it he and is son we're called back for several auditions and won the part of a father teaching his son to skate in the add campaign.
Does anyone remember Rob Trujillo in the "Yellow pages" commercial?

Around the STudio...Josh Paul dropped by before going "Down Under". Josh who recently was playing with the young Ms Osbourne and more recently Everlast, is in Australia on a promotional tour for a new Australia group featuring twin sisters that sing. Reportedly there's quite a buzz on these girls in the industry and their record hasn't even been released yet.

Adam Siegel, ex Infectious Grooves, My Head, Cyco Miko, Excel, guitar player and insane artist also dropped by to check out the STudio and catch up.
Adam is presently working in his own studio, writing and producing for himself and other bands. He's doing great, quite happy and enjoying working and learning behind the studio "desk".

Heard some NO MERCY blasting out the speakers. Surely it was remastered? And phone call to the legendary Ric Clayton...Does that mean it's coming out soon?
Found out it was remastered 5 years ago... but maybe RxCx is doing some new artwork...for a new ST shirt...or cover? So is the No Mercy gonna be knocked off the "list"?
After the new ST.

Speaking of the infamous "list", what are all those videos doing at the STudio? Is Sony finally letting the band release them on DVD?

And what does Rush have to do with ST? Is Paul Northfield coming back out to STudio when he completes working with them? And if so, what for? Mixing the new ST? Finishing the I.G.? Recording a whole new Cd? And what's with the passport info? And why all the talk of Halloween and the Olympic Auditorium? ST hasn't played there in 21 years. Could there be some shows in the works earlier than reported? Will there be one last "old school" show there before it's turned into a church by it's new Korean owners?
S.N.A.P.'z knows, and hopefully it will be worked out soon so it can all be told. 2 True dat!
I will say Right now, nothing's confirmed, but it's starting to get a buzz around here.

At ST Tattoo, Mr. Clown Brown is back from europe, and then headed off to Hawaii. His band Strapt, opened up for Snoop Dogg and did alot of promotional work for their up coming release. Hopefully we'll get Mr. Brown to do an interview for the site soon and dish out all the facts about upcoming tours and release dates.

Dean Pleasants did another round on the NYC circuit, hitting up the Letterman Show, Good Morning America, etc. Wonder where them boots will take him next?

And in this weeks episode of no it wasn't and no it ain't...
Lester Claypol who Produced the "Join the Army" record for ST is not the bass player of Primus. Two different people.

Till next time, more Familia updates, STudio updates, Snapshots, from Mr. S.N.A.P.'z
who STill don't give a fuck!
Last modified onTuesday, 03 March 2009 07:31
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