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Raymond King

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The ST show at the beaumont was awesome, energenic, and aggresive, everything a suicidal show should be. My party at the beaumont consisted of my daughter Brittney, one of my best friends David, and my wife Becca. We had an absolutely great time. They played a lot of old songs, which judgeing by the crowd, was just fine because they seemed to be old die-hard suicidal fans. Long before ST got on stage we got a place right in front of the stage. When ST hit the stage it wasn't easy defending our position up front, it was crazy i loved it. At the beginning of the show, a girl and her boyfriend tried to get in front of us, i put my arm out so they couldn't get in front of us and the girl hit me in the face.  i looked her square in the eyes and told her, " You hit me again i'm going to hit you back."  Both of them quickly dissappered into the crowd as i held my  daughter back screaming, "I'm going to beat that bitch's ass!"  I told her to calm down if we see them later we'll get 'em.  Later on, about mid-way through the show a blonde guy was getting a little obnoxious trying to get in front of us.  I pushed him back and told him to back off you're not getting in front of us, we stared each other down for a second and he backed off. About the same time of the show, there's a crew that was obviously with ST that were stage diving.  When me and my daughter got kicked in the face by one of them i tried to pull him back by the leg but the crowd was taking him the other way, so i took his shoe and the guy beside us took his black stocking cap.  The blonde guy came back and got in front of my daughter.  I told him to step back and he started to mouth off so I headbutted him 3 times and got pulled back by security. When the blonde guy took a swing at me, my daughter started punching him in the face, by the time the security guard let me go, there were a bunch of people fighting. This concert was the best show i've taken my family to.   My daughters favorite part besides punching that dude was getting a pick of the guitarist.  Can't wait for you guys to come back to KCMO.

eddie aldana

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first of all i want to say whats up to all my
suicidals locally and around the world...and that me
in the left of the picture with MIKE MUIR.... i
remember suicidal tendencies when i was a kid going to
middle/high school and there was a time in my life
when things around me werent going to good with me and
everybody was wondering what was wrong and at that
time i needed to figure out things on my own and then
there was this song by ST "institutionalized" and that
really touched me because i can relate to that song
100% of my life at that they are people
thats goes through times like these i said...i have
all the albums of ST and it feels like i can really
say that ive been growing up maturely through each of
their albums because they tell life just like it

im 28 yrs old now as of 2005 i remember about 4 years
ago ive worked different trades but always getting
paid shit!!! i was always complaining about work and
how i should get paid more and this and that and never
did anything about it...until i heard "i want more"
fuck that was the song that motivated me to look for
another job and stop kissing my bosses ass and feeling
like i was in that cage.. so now im at a well paid job
were i dont really do shit and everybody hates but i
need to thank SUICIDAL TENDENCIES for coming into my
life when i needed you guys the most.....

suicidal for life,
eddie aldana


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In the beginning
an Suicidal travel...

an ST american gig for a french cyco:

At our arrival in L.A., we headed straight to ST's tattooshop at Venice Boulevard. Except for some crazy-ass tattoos, you can also get piercings in a very clean and professional atmosphere. On the walls, you will find almost every ST-LP /single ever released. When we were at the shop, Jason "Clown"Brown was tattooing one of his clients. We also met 2 young ST-fans who
showed us the way to the ST-concerts in San Francisco one day later.

In fact there was not much ST-merchandise available except for a few T-shirts… Of course we could not go to LA without having visited ST's tatoo-shop and walking around on Venice Beach. At one moment we thought to have noticed Mike Clark walking around in Santa Monica with his family...but actually we were not sure about this. For one moment we even thought bout meeting Cyco Miko in Venice and that he would invite us for a small chat and a drink but in the end we could only dream
about it...

It was an ultimate experience seeing ST play in the US on the 1st of September 2000 in San Francisco at the Maritime Hall. After a 10 days. Nevade/California sight-seeing tour, we finally arrived at San Francisco after a 5hours car drive. We first bought our tickets and arrived at the Maritime Hall around 6 PM. The tension mounts. Fortunately I met 3 ST-members while Titi and my brother were waiting in front of the hall. First of all we watched the support acts which was pretty boring. Finally it was SUICIDAL-time once again. As this was ST's firt gig of
the West Coast tour, they seemed to be in top form this evening. As usual they started off with "You can't bring me down..." followed by "Pop songs" brought forward as a Christina Aguilera punk rock interpretation. The audience was crazier than ever. There were at least 30 "Mike Muir" lookalikes participating in a huge mosh-pit and with my 80 kg I seemed to be the skinny guy this evening. The cyco punx were definetely messing up the place! Although not everyone seemed to be fully satisfied, this was an extraordinary experience for all of us.

STraight from the heart:
this my story for STraight from the heart, my cyco vision "The cyco vision": I got to know Suicidal Tendencies through my eldest brother back in 1991 right after the release for Lights ...Caméra...Revolution which was a superb revelation for myself.

I found out that Suicidal was the real stuff as it was not only bout music but also a way of life! Moreover I found out that it was never ST's intention to force their opinion onto no one but to spread a message that's about standing up for yourself and trying to grab things by the throat before they go wrong.

No drugs, no artificial paradise but reality that's what really
impressed me with ST. Indeed, it's easier to point the finger at the "system" and others but it's more important to take life into your own hands! Some magic philosophy that was also a lesson in life for myself.

Musically speaking, despite the numerous line-up changes, I think that ST still disposes of super musicians. I also really appreciate their live performances. Unfortunately I had to wait for 6 long years before I first saw them play for the first time in 1997 at Strasbourg. It was quite some experience after a 1000 miles drive in a small Clio with 5 passengers aboard. Meanwhile I tried to recoup my loss in the scope of my job and possibilities...

Interview Mike Muir LA SHOW

OxGx S.N.A.P.'z section is once again updated. He came up with an interview with Mike Muir he had! Details on the new upcoming shows in L.A. and in Columbia and Brasil! That's right! Major updates and details on the new album, tour and a SxTx that's ready to hit the road again!

So here we go.....

First off, there's vicious rumors of ST shows coming up quickly...including a show in Los Angeles. What can you tell us about these, when, where, what's the deal?
MMST: Yes, we are confirmed to play a few shows. We had hoped to confirm them all together, but we were asked by the promoter to hold off. It's not a problem with the show, but politics of who's sponsoring it and how the promotion works, etc.
I can say, yes we will be playing in L.A. and it will be around October time and it should be quite the event. We also plan on filming this show and releasing it as a Dvd.

Will this be the first show?
MMST: No, we actually will be playing a festival in Colombia Oct. 15th for a festival called Rock Al Parque. It's a free three day festival put on by the government.
Alfonso from Fernandes guitars and Esteban are both native Colombians and have been to this festival many times and have great things to say about it. There will be between 80,000 to over 100,000 people there and ST has the honor of headlining one of the days. This should be a great way to jump back into the action.

What happens after the L.A. show?

MMST: We hope to have Paul Northfield come out to record the L.A. show and then stay and finish up the new ST cd. Then at the end of November we got two festival dates in Brasil. That's the plan for now.

Any other shows after that?

MMST: We have quite a few shows that we would like to make up, that we were planning before the back surgery. Right now we and of course I plan on being smart with how we go about doing things so that we'll always be able to be a part of what we like, and be healthy and happy to boot, lol.
But at this time, these are the only shows planned for this year.

So what's up for next year?

MMST: Basically there are a lot of places we still have never been to, places we love to go to, and places we haven't been to in a long time and need to get back to. A lot of this of course revolves around a new cd and a new cd revolves around the ability to tour. So without rambling any further, If all goes well, we plan to have a new cd and be back touring the U.S. and the World next year.

So the back's good?

MMST:The back is really good. I've had to make some changes, and figure out different ways to work out,etc., but it's finally great day to day. The challenge is of course shows and touring. There's no exercises for the way I tour.
People that haven't seen me for a bit and I tell them I had back surgery can't believe it. That's good, but after going thru all that with the surgery, etc, I don't wanna do that again. And if I would have just stopped like I was told to on that tour, I wouldn't have had to have surgery...but you're in a position where you're headlining a tour and you don't wanna let the people behind the tour down or the people going to the shows. The irony is, if we cancelled there would be the stupid people that started rumors saying nothing was wrong, the " I heard they quit cause..."bla bla bla," you know the people, you know the story...
Anyhow, what was is, and we learn and move on and take the knowledge and use it properly, control what we can, prepare for what we can't...and enjoy the ride while it lasts, till we move on to the next adventure, ha ha.

So how's everyone else?

MMST:I think they're all pretty excited, but we've all learned from this situation. I think when we start practicing for the shows and working back in the STudio again, it'll sink in a bit more...but, yes everyone sounds ready and excited yet they've all been very understanding which I totally appreciate.
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