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The Chilean CYCOS are crazy ST maniacs! So the festival went down in a brand new sold out soccer stadium European festival style, packed of crazy fans and surrounded by military forces! Doors opened earlier as the fans went crazy before even getting into the venue and that forced to stop ST soundcheck...but the band delivered power and energy to all the fans since the first song You Can't Bring Me Down! As far as we could see, circle pits with slamming cycos from left to right of the stage till way in the back! Classic songs like War Inside My Head, Institutionalized and brand new songs like Come Alive gave energy to the fans to slam throughout all the show. Till the huge final with Pledge! No fans could be taken onstage to jam with the band as military forces were everywhere so Mike jumped right in front of the barriers to the fans, bandanas threw into the pits and Steve bass crashed and threw into the crowd...this is something we'll remember! And to the crazy maniacs that were stuck in the back do to a security barriers in the middle of the field, we felt your energy. Thanx Chile! Thanx Brasil! And Thanx to Daniel and all the promoters and people who worked with the band, and made it possible for ST and IG to play in front of almost 100,000 between the 2 days!

Band and crew will now fly back into LA getting ready forr the US tour, presenting the new ST record NO MERCY FOOL!-ST ARMY! U won't miss this one, classic ST and No Mercy songs will hit the setlist, check the promo video and post it all over...and for you CYCOS a full brand new line of merch will be available at the shows!

See you in few days!
Be ready!



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