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Feel Like S*** Deja Vu Controlled by Hatred

Feel Like S*** Deja Vu Controlled by Hatred  Feel Like S*** Deja Vu Controlled by Hatred (Epic)
Released 09.27.89

Controlled By Hatred/Feel Like S***...Deja Vu (Epic)
Released 01.01.89

01. Master of No Mercy
02. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
03. Just Another Love Song
04. Waking the Dead
05. Controlled by Hatred
06. Choosing My Own Way of Life
07. Feel Like S***...Deja-Vu
08. It's Not Easy
09. How I Will Laugh Tomorrow [Heavy Emotion Version]


Lights Camera ..Revolution!

  • Published in Lyrics

Lights Camera ..Revolution!

Lights Camera ..Revolution! (Epic) Released 06.01.90

01. You Can't Bring Me Down
02. Lost Again
03. Alone
04. Lovely
05. Give It Revolution
06. Get Whacked
07. Send Me Your Money
08. Emotion No. 13
09. Disco's Out, Murder's In
10. Go'n Breakdown


FNG FNG (Virgin) Released 05.02.91

01. Suicide's an Alternative/You'll Be Sorry
02. Join the Army
03. Trip at the Brain
04. Suicidal Failure
05. I Shot the Devil
06. Suicidal Maniac
07. Institutionalized
08. I Feel Your Pain and I Survive
09. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
10. Possessed
11. If I Don't Wake Up
12. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right
13. I Saw Your Mommy
14. Human Guinea Pig
15. Subliminal
16. Surf and Slam
17. Possessed to Skate
18. I Want More
19. The Feeling's Back
20. A Little Each Day
21. Suicyco Mania
22. Pledge Your Allegiance

The Art of Rebellion

The Art of Rebellion

The Art of Rebellion (Epic) Released 06.01.92

01. Can't Stop
02. Accept My Sacrifice
03. Nobody Hears
04. Tap Into The Power
05. Monopoly On Sorrow
06. We Call This Mutha Revenge
07. I Wasn't Ment To Feel This Way/Asleep At The Wheel
08. Gotta Kill Captain Stupid
09. I'll Hate You Better
10. Wich Way To Free?
11. It's Going Down
12. Where's The Truth



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