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Infectious Grooves - Booty Movin Sampler

Infectious Grooves - Booty Movin Sampler 

Release Date: 1991
Released By: Sony / 550
ID Number: EAT 4232
Medium(s): Cassette

Track Listings

Side 1:
1. Punk It Up
1. Therapy
2. Closed Session

This is a promo cassette used to help promote the band before the release of their debut album. This tape comes in a cassette sleeve, like most U.S. cassette singles.The Infectious Grooves on this tape included Stephen Perkins on drums, Mike Muir on vocals, Robert Trujillo on bass, and Dean Pleasants on guitar.

Tape inlay
"The plague that makes your booty move... it's the Infectious Grooves" is the slammin' new album from a band made up form many bands. Infectious Grooves features appearances from members of Suicidal Tendencies, as well as several other bands that we're not allowed to mention! (talk about!)

Check out this free sample of the Grooves' sound. Once You Hit the play button, you'll probably notice your booty movin' in an uncontrollable manner - you've got the plague! The only cure is to run to your favorite store and get a full injection of Grooves music.
Infectious Grooves -
The Choice of the Infectiphibian Generation.

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