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Thanks to all the Aussie Cycos!

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Thanks to all the Aussie Cycos!
ST just finished the Australian tour and the band and crew would like to thank all those that came to the shows, skate events and sponsors.
We'd like to thank Jason and all the Monster crew, Vans, Miller Mafia, Leigh, Josh and the Suicidal Skate team for the ST van that travelled to all the shows (except Perth).
We'd like to thank the Margaret River crew for taking Luke and Mike to the 'Pool House'.
The Van will be making one more stop this saturday May 28th at the Bondi Bowl. A cool event featuring the Suicidal skate team, lots of Australia's best skaters, BBQ and more. Everyone is welcome to come. Hopefully if you are in the area you can make plans to come too. This will also be filmed by Luke Sorensen for the Fuel Tv ST special.
So thanks again to all that made this a great time.
Next up for Australia...
Bondi Bowl May 28th.
ST video shoot...Tenatively June in Perth...
Infectious Grooves and Cyco Miko tour...around November :)
Next up for ST... is summer festival tour in Europe, we'll post all the tour dates shortly.

Facebook - follow the SxTx pages!

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Follow the SxTx pages on Facebook.
Get the latest updates from the band and the SUICIDAL SKATE TEAM in Australia !
Follow the SUICIDAL TV page as they develop the SUICIDAL special for Fuel TV airing in August!
Connect, tag, become friend and spread the word!!!

All links added now in the CYCO ZONE menu bar! Check it out!


ZacPac x Suicidal Tendencies (Pack Zack × Tendencies Suisaidaru) S "K" UM-kun (you scum) limited edition toy!

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For International Buyers
Special Pre-Order would start 2011 5/13 0:00!! Don't Sleep!!

The original character,S"K"UM-kun, of our store, ZacPac, finally comes into vinyl toy! Not only it's our very first own original toy, it's the offical collaboration with the most important West Coast Skate Punk Rock band, Suicidal Tendencies!! This S"K"UM-kun bears the traditional Suicidal Cross on his outfit! Plus this vinly toy comes with mini New Era cap!! You can make it wear on S"K"UM-kun! This is the first toy ever made that can wear New Era mini cap! S"K"UM-kun hand signs "Z" as our store "ZacPac". 4points articulation. MADE IN JAPAN, that means Undeniable Quality!! Designed and sculpted by Knuckle from Little Chop Design! This first edition is called "Stay Gold", as his brain, teeth and Suicidal Cross is gold! Limited 100pcs worldwide. This is the respect for Suicidal Tendencies, Thank you, Mike Muir!!!

We would ship this item worldwide by EMS.Please place your order at
our English shopping page (, where we accpet credit card issued overseas. For any inquiry about this product, please e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For wholesale inquiry, please e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Missed the Aussie Tour? Merch is now available to the Aussie fans!

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Due to the huge amount of requests, we' re releasing the leftover merch off the Aussie tour to the Aussie fans! The street teamers were able to order before all the others if u don't wanna miss this options subscribe to the Aussie mailing list! The merch is now available to all the other Aussie fans! Check the street team link for more info! Merch sale is now open


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