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New releases available- promo coming soon

The new double live CD from INFECTIOUS and CYCO MIKO reocrded live in France '95 is available everywhere now! If your local shop doesn't carry it ask them to take it in! New NO MERCY-SUICIDAL FAMILY CD with re recorded tracks from Join The Army and NM has been announced for a September 7th release. Same as the IG-CM, new CD will be available worldwide. Pomo material for both the releases will be posted soon,thanx to our pal ready for the new ST invasion....once again!


SUICIDAL shows in Japan and Australia have been confirmed and announced!

While waiting for more info on Japan to come we have released the new promo video for the Aussie tour check it out here and spread it all over the net!

To all our aussie fans. Join the street team now promo material for the coming tour will be ready and released soon!

Start your loco chapter now!

Stay CYCO!

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