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OG S.N.A.P.'z - News report

OG S.N.A.P.'z here, with my ear to the alley, and eye on the STreet.

I got my new section, representing with facts, rumors, insights and some shit talking when necessary. But lets' throw down some tibids rollin the rumor grapevine...

Cyco among us? ST STudio's own ESTeban and a friend chased after a bank robber as he was leaving the bank, and followed him to the get away car. Police then took up the pursuit and then the bullets were flying. The robber and driver ended up getting shot and killed in a gunfight. Esteban is safe and all he and his friend got were $250 dollars each for a reward.
He Esteban, I know you are crazy ass Columbian, but next time, well let's hope there isn't a next time.

Is James Muir, Mike's older brother and owner of DogTown skates, turning into a hollywood STar? First a guest appearance in "The Lords of Dogtown" as the security guard talking with "Skip" (played by Heath Ledger ) and now an American Express commercial?
Rumors have it he and is son we're called back for several auditions and won the part of a father teaching his son to skate in the add campaign.
Does anyone remember Rob Trujillo in the "Yellow pages" commercial?

Around the STudio...Josh Paul dropped by before going "Down Under". Josh who recently was playing with the young Ms Osbourne and more recently Everlast, is in Australia on a promotional tour for a new Australia group featuring twin sisters that sing. Reportedly there's quite a buzz on these girls in the industry and their record hasn't even been released yet.

Adam Siegel, ex Infectious Grooves, My Head, Cyco Miko, Excel, guitar player and insane artist also dropped by to check out the STudio and catch up.
Adam is presently working in his own studio, writing and producing for himself and other bands. He's doing great, quite happy and enjoying working and learning behind the studio "desk".

Heard some NO MERCY blasting out the speakers. Surely it was remastered? And phone call to the legendary Ric Clayton...Does that mean it's coming out soon?
Found out it was remastered 5 years ago... but maybe RxCx is doing some new artwork...for a new ST shirt...or cover? So is the No Mercy gonna be knocked off the "list"?
After the new ST.

Speaking of the infamous "list", what are all those videos doing at the STudio? Is Sony finally letting the band release them on DVD?

And what does Rush have to do with ST? Is Paul Northfield coming back out to STudio when he completes working with them? And if so, what for? Mixing the new ST? Finishing the I.G.? Recording a whole new Cd? And what's with the passport info? And why all the talk of Halloween and the Olympic Auditorium? ST hasn't played there in 21 years. Could there be some shows in the works earlier than reported? Will there be one last "old school" show there before it's turned into a church by it's new Korean owners?
S.N.A.P.'z knows, and hopefully it will be worked out soon so it can all be told. 2 True dat!
I will say Right now, nothing's confirmed, but it's starting to get a buzz around here.

At ST Tattoo, Mr. Clown Brown is back from europe, and then headed off to Hawaii. His band Strapt, opened up for Snoop Dogg and did alot of promotional work for their up coming release. Hopefully we'll get Mr. Brown to do an interview for the site soon and dish out all the facts about upcoming tours and release dates.

Dean Pleasants did another round on the NYC circuit, hitting up the Letterman Show, Good Morning America, etc. Wonder where them boots will take him next?

And in this weeks episode of no it wasn't and no it ain't...
Lester Claypol who Produced the "Join the Army" record for ST is not the bass player of Primus. Two different people.

Till next time, more Familia updates, STudio updates, Snapshots, from Mr. S.N.A.P.'z
who STill don't give a fuck!

Q and A with Dean

SxTx just finished the European tour and according to Dean "It was big fun, we had a blast doing it. The shows and fans were the best! I hope we can build off of this trip, and do it even bigger next time!"

Pauly: Dean, I thought it was time for a little Q&A with you...

 -Tell us a little about yourself, how did you ever started picking up the guitar? Was it a family thing? 
Well, I started playing the guitar in the 11th grade for stage band! I didn`t know how to play but I wanted to learn because I thought it looked cool, and I liked the way the guitar looked! My grandfather played the banjo, and my Dad messed around with the guitar a little bit!
 - Where did you grow up as a kid? Any hobby's besides guitars back in the days?
I was born in San Antonio Texas, but I moved around a lot as my dad was in the airforce .
I worked on a farm, fed cows, and chickens ..ha ha .really! I also loved riding dirt bikes, and playing basketball all day! and helping my dad in the shop working on cars!
- What kind of gear to you use? And why that gear?
I use VHT and Fender and Marshall amps, also I play fernandes guitars! I like fernandes, because they fit my style really well20, and I can get that vintage sound, as well as a good heavy tone!
- If you could choose your ultimate guitar...which one should it be...? And what about the best amp sounds? 
I like the strat body the best, then Les Pauls, my ultimate guitar is the Strat, I guess because it was the first guitar I played! I like fender for the clean sound and Marshall and VHT for dirty and solo tones!
- Influences from all styles can be heard in your guitarplaying. Got any heroes yourself besides Jimi off course?  (I  saw you wear that shirt on tour hahaha)
Ha ha ha, Yes, Jimi Hendrix, is a big influence on my playing, also Stevie Ray, and Larry Graham. and Bootsy Collins! I think they all have a lot of soul and feeling int there playing! And also the way they used effects pedals!!
- What kind of music do you like listening on the road, or just at home?

I like to listen to old music, old rock, and soul, and funk music! I do like new artist as well, but mostly old stuff!
- Do you still practise or is all just a matter of routine now?
Yes, I play all the time, I am always trying to learn new scales, and music theory! I just love playing! so I do it whenever the feeling hits me!
- Before you joined IG, did you play some other bands? And what else do you do besides IG/ST?

I  was doing session work, playing in the studio mostly, and some live stuff here, and there! I still do studio work, and I played live with Jessica Simpson for 4 years, I have played on quite a few cd`s, and I always enjoy doing that, as well as my band stuff!
- Tell us some more on the studiowork and some cd’s you played on. I heard about Ugly Kid Joe, 3T andmore….

Well, I have played for most of the Jacksons except Micheal, and Janet, I wrote a song on the 3-T cd that was fun. Yes, I played for Uglykidjoe, and George Clinton, Tone Loc, Coke ads, Poe, Jody Whatley, Atlantic Star, and so on!
- How did you hook up with Infectious way back?

I was called to play on a project by my old friend, Robert Trujillo. For him and Mike muir, well that project turned into Infectious Grooves! I was supposed to play on a few tracks, but Mike liked me and I wound up playing on everything!

- Do you still have contact with Robert and an you tell us some more on working with him and Brooks and Adam back in the days?
I haven`t talked to Robert in a few years, but last I did he was very cool, and was having another baby!
Working with Adam was great, I learned so much from him, he was a true talent! Brooks was also fun and very young at the time which made things really funny! It was all so new to him! Ha ha . But he was an incredible drummer so that`s all that mattered  at the time! I have spoke to him recently! He is doing great as well!

- Nowadays working with Steve and Eric…how does a IG or ST song get structure? Is it jamming or writing?
It is a little bit of both, some ideas, lead to everyones input, or we just jamn, and Mike says Play that part here, and make the other the chorus!! he he . and that is how it usually goes down!

- Is it difficult to keep the two bands separated in song writing and development?
No, because they are actually very different, IG, is very funky,and groove based, as for ST, it is more hard, and heavy based on a hard guitar riff, or around the guitars . IG, can be based around the Bass, or guitar, or keyboard!! Also, we have kinda made it  a point to really seperate the 2 as far as sounds go!!

- How did you end up playing in ST…it’s so much different than IG?
Well after ST broke up in "95 we were touring with IG, and Cyco Miko, and Mike wanted to reform ST, as his Big Brother Jim suggested with a new line up, so Mike asked me of I was interested, of course I said Hell Yeah! As ST was one of my favorite bands, and I always admired Rocky George, and the way he played solos, and I  wanted the chance to play this style of music, and grow as a guitarist! 

- So, just finished the ST “Year of the cycos” tour 2009. I must say i think it was the best ST tour in years. What was it like?
Oh it was big fun, I had a blast, doing it. The shows, and fans were the best, I hope we can build off of this trip, and do it even bigger next time!

- Do you still like hitting the road after all these years?
Yes, I do, I love playing, and traveling, even though I hate flying, I love doing the shows! See you all soon again!

Suicidal Tendencies

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Suicidal Tendencies
Suicidal Tendencies (Frontier Records) Released 01.01.83

1. Memories Of Tomorrow
02. Possessed
03. I Saw Your Mommy
04. Fascist Pig
05. I Want More
06. Suicidal Failure
07. Suicide's An Alternative
08. Two-Sided Politics
09. I Shot Reagan
10. Subliminal
11. Won't Fall In Love Today
12. Institutionalized

Join the Army

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Join the Army

Join the Army (Caroline) Released 01.01.87

01. Suicidal Maniac
02. Join The Army
03. You Got, I Want
04. A Little Each Day
05. The Prisoner
06. War Inside My Head
07. I Feel Your Pain And I Survive
08. Possessed To Skate
09. No Name, No Words
10. Cyco
11. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right (But They Make Me Feel A Whole Lot Better)
12. Looking In Your Eyes


 1. Suicidal Maniac

[Rocky George/Mike Muir]

A birth that came from more than sound
Now rages on from town to town
A giant grows more every day
And now the maniac is here to stay

A feeling you can't kill
It's the power, it's a will
Controls your thoughts but you can't see

Just when you thought it safe he suddenly appears
He feels no pain, he has no mercy or no fears
He gives the message and your mind is filled with blue
And now the maniac lives inside of you

He's back. The suicidal maniac.

Each day he grows more and more
He's bigger now than ever before
His thoughts he'll compromise on never
He can't be stopped. He'll live forever

Blast away through the mind
A power of another kind
A presence that is growing out of sound

And now it's come, the time the maniac I'll meet
He takes my hand and now I bow down to his feet
His love for me is like a father to a son
And now the maniac and I are one

I bow to his might
Too powerful to fight
It's my destiny
Now the maniac lives inside of me

He's back

An army at his command
A strength that you can't comprehend
A force unknown can now be told
The power of the world he holds

A feeling you can't kill
It's the power. It's the will
Controls your thoughts but you can't see

Just when you thought it safe he suddenly appears
He feels no pain, he has no mercry or no fears
He gives the message and your mind is filled with blue
And now the maniac's a part of you
And the time has come. The maniac you'll meet
He takes your hand and now you bow down to his feet
His love for you is like a father to a son
And now the maniac and you are one


2. Join The Army

[Louiche/Mike Muir]

I got a story to tell, now listen up real well
Pay attention this way to what I got to say
Took it to the street, rap to the people we meet
Now we're rocking out hard to the Suicidal beat
Tried to deny our right, so we're putting up a fight
Just doing our thang, they tried to call it a gang
Saw the way we look, that's all that it took
That's all she wrote, they had their scapegoat

Dressed down, homeboyz, minority-join the Army

We're the few, we're the proud, we like to jam it loud
The music we play won't have it any other way
We're armed to the bone with our music and our tone
Recruiting on the street fwith the sound of our beat
Growing larger every day and every time we play
Don't need no college plan, we're just a hard-rocking band
We like our music to please but we ain't gonna appease
No pressure's too much to make us change our touch

Hardcore, metal, the new wave
We're not a gang-join the Army

Don't be no fool, don't let your prejudice rule
Don't judge y your fear, judge us by your ear
Can't believe every word of every story that you've heard
Just play the song, I know you'll start to rock along
Well I don't care 'bout the clothes you wear
It's the size of your heart, not the length of your hair
Don't make no difference to me, the color that you be
Black, white or brown, it's all the same to me

Well if you still don't believe you best get up and leave
Do what you must do, but this ain't the place for you
You got no right but if you start a fight
We'll be rockin' your head but with our fists instead
I'll fight it with the band, right down till the end
Ask anyone I've met, this ain't no idle threat
Don't flap no fit and it won't come to this
Bust as for me, I'm down with the Army

New YHork, London, Venice
Why join a gang?
Join the Army

Suicidal rock-join the Army
Suicidal rock-join the Army
Suicidal rock-join the Army
Suicidal rock-join the Army
Suicidal rock-I want you to join the Army-S.T.

3. You Got, I Want

[Suicidal Tendencies]

You got, I want
You got, I want
You got, I want
You got, I want

I can't tell you why you're crying
I can only tell you to wipe your tears away
You see something that's inside me
I think I'll save it for a rainy day
I don't need no constitution
To tell me what is wrong and right for me
C'mon take it little honey
I want to tell you baby what you see

You're gonna take al lthat I'm giving, yea
What's the matter can't you see
You know I'm taking, you're not giving
Oh baby, baby, please please please please

I'm not sure what I told you
I'm only sure that it wasn't true
You said I told you that I love you
Well there's a thousand others just like you
You said I used to be romantic
Well now I don't need to be anymore
You want to talk about commitment
I think I want to show you the door


You got, I want
You got, I want
You got, I want
You got, I want

Love me, hold me tonight

I can't tell you why you're crying
I can only tell you to wipe your tears away
You see something that is inside me
I think I'll save it for a rainy day
I don't need no constitution
To tell me what is wrong and right for me
C'mon take it little honey
I want to tell you baby what you see

You got, I want, I want now

4. A Little Each Day

[Mike Muir]

Took a walk down under the street
Never thought that I'd see the day I would meet
Came and whispered in my ear
But I tried to pretend that I didn't hear
Turned my head and walked away
And I tried to forget what they had to say
Put on a smile and I tried to hide
But I couldn't keep myself from crying inside

Oh, I...So I turned my head and I walked away
Oh, I...And I tried to forget what he had to say
Oh, I...And I chalked it up as another day
Oh, I say...I died a little today

Took a journey through my brain
And they saw the scars and they felt my pain
Saw the things I didn't want to find
Knew the dreams I had over a bottle of wine
Thought if I lied I was going to win
But they said the battle wouldn't even begin
Thought about the lies that I said to myself
But I knew it's too late to find the help


I die a little each day

5. The Prisoner

[Louiche/Mike Muir]

You're the prisoner locked in your cell
You're living in your personal hell
Invisible bars block your view
They don't exist except for you

Free, why can't you see how easily
You could break those bars right down
New freedom found, travel around
And find out exactly why
Give it a try, living the lie
And try to solve the final clue
See if it's true, found out just who
The real enemy is you

Don't be afraid
Don't be deceived
A new world for you
Can be conceived

Don't tell me 'bout how the world isn't fair
How you'll live your life how you choose
I don't want to hear another excuse
How it ain't your fault when you lose

And you're the prisoner
Your mind's diseased, my mind is cured

I was the prisoner but never again
My worst enemy is now my friend
Brainwashed, you'll probably believe
I gave it up for a new reprieve

Free, why can't you see how easily
You could break those bars right down
New freedom found, travel around
And find out exactly why
Give it a try, living the lie
And try to solve the final clue
See if it's true, found out just who
The real enemy is you

You say you're political
I say, "Screw that, you're just a fool."

6. War Inside My Head

[Louiche/Mike Muir]

War inside my head
War inside my head
War inside my head
War inside my head

War inside my head ain't a pretty sight
But I don't want no sympathy
It's happened a thousand times before
It's just a harsh reality

War inside my head-can you sense it
War inside my head-can you see it
War inside my head-can you feel it
War inside my head
Can you hear the-pain
Can you see the-pain
Can you sense the-pain
Can you feel the-pain
Can you help the-pain
Can you fix the-pain
Can you hear the war inside my head

The only thing real is the way I feel
And that's the pain that's deep inside
The battle from within is gonna begin
And there ain't nowhere to hide


War inside my head every night and day
I never get no piece of mind
It ought to be a sin, I just can't win
And pure hell is all I find

7. I Feel Your Pain And I Survive

[Rocky George/Mike Muir]

You can not stand a single word I say
But you manage to hear every word anyway
Your eyes they always seem to be fixed on me
But not for love but for money

You say nothing yet I still hear
I am the thing that you most fear
I cause the pain deep in your heart
O, how I love to tear your world apart
Well I feel your pain and I survive
And I survive

I see your anger, I can hardly wait
How it feels so good to cause you such hate
Tried to ignore me. Thought I'd go away
But I'm back for good. I'm here to stay


You thought that you could get the best of me
To put me down, it seemed, so easily
I take such pride in the work I do
You hoped I'd fail but I'm not like you


I feel your pain so I survive

8. Possessed To Skate

[Louiche/Mike Muir]

Let's skate!

Seemed like such an innocent toy
He was the All-American boy
Got a skate at eight years old
Now the story can be told

Beware he's possessed to skate!

Skating takes him up in height
He's a pilot on a modern flight
See him flying through the air
If he don't land then he don't care

Cause he rips-he rips
When he skates-he skates
Cause he never hesitates
He's the wizard on the wheels
Like a modern gladiator ain't got no fears
So skate

He shoots the pool like a launching pad
If it ain't insane then you can't get rad
Skating is all that's on his mind
He's skating radical all the time


Beware he's possessed to skate!

Looks like a magic carpet ride
Six foot airiels inverts backside
Optical illusion it must be
He redefines insanity


Doesn't understand why you'd wanna walk
Ain't got time to sit and talk
Used to be just like you and me
Now he's an outcast of society

Beware he's possessed to skate!

And the skating's getting radical

9. No Name, No Words

[Louiche/Mike Muir]

I close my eyes, yet I still see
I can not hide from what's inside of me
I hear my thoughts, but they're not clear
And now I tremble with fear

No one can tell me what's sane
You see the tears I cry
But you can't feel my pain
No title can classify me
I'm a person with feelings
A number I refuse to be

Don't try to live my life
You cannot talk for me
Now I'm on the brink, brink of insanity

Sometimes I stare into space
I try to think about another place
Where happiness I'll see
I'll find a place for me and find some sanity

Sometimes I look at you
And I wonder what will I do
Will my mind stay intact
How will I react, will I do any harm to you

Open my eyes, but I can't see
Maybe the hatred has blinded me
There's not a sound, yet I still hear
Now the pain is so clear


Sometimes I stop to think
Or maybe my thinking just stops
Doesn't matter anyway
No one hears what I say, I'm on the brink of insanity

Well I know him but not his name
In everyone, yet not the same
Play with the cards i'm dealt, worse I never felt
I'm playing a sick man's game

10. Cyco

Cyco cyco cyco cyco
Cyco cyco cyco cyco
Born cyco it's the way I was meant to be
Live cyco it's the only life for me

Burning burning burning burning
Burning burning burning burning
Burning up can't you see
But it's the only life for me

I'm burning up, the fire blazes inside
Out of control, so now you better hide
Run around the corner
But the corner never ends
You scream out, beg, shout
But the nightmare never ends
You turn around but you just see
What you saw before
Spin around, fall down
Now you see no more

Raging raging raging raging
Raging raging raging raging
Raging mad that may be
But it's the only life for me

I'm raging mad and soon you will know
I'm burning up from my head to toe

Cyco cyco cyco cyco
Cyco cyco cyco cyco
It's the only life I know
I was born to cyco

I'm cyco and my mind it starts to bend
Out of control, it seems to be the trend

Born to be cyco

11. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right (But They Make Me Feel A Whole Lot Better)

[Rocky George/Mike Muir]

Welcome to the year of the cyco
It's been a long, long wait
Welcome to a modern blitzkrieg
With peace, I can't relate
Welcome to death now you'll love it
Once in a lifetime treat
Say goodbye to peace and order
You and my terror will meet

My best friend is misery
My girlfriend is insanity
My father is revenge

My love for you I must confess
With my knife you passed the test
I'll love you till the end

Evacuation of my mind
In my body no heart you'll find
Where there's death I lurk

Empty stare incoherent
Screams of pain, love to hear it
Take pride in my work

They say two wrongs don't make a right
Well maybe that is true
But I can't describe the feeling I get
When I take revenge on you

Forgiveness is the key to destruction
But you can't open my door
Repentance, you're indecision
I hesitate no more
Tradition is the root of all evil
So now I water the tree
Salvation, an all-time sentence
So now I walk away free

Two wrongs don't make a right
But they make me feel a whole lot better

12. Looking In Your Eyes

[Louiche/Mike Muir]

I see destruction as it rages through your veins
I see depression as it fills your heart with pain
I see the cure you found, your artificial peace
I see your body rot, your solution now has it's feast

And now I look, I look in your eyes
Looking in your eyes
Looking in your eyes
Looking in your eyes
Looking in your eyes

What I see in your eyes
I can see, they tell no lies
Looking in your eyes

I see salvation oh so close, but yet so far
I see the gilmmering of the holy star
I see your future, it's a nightmare and I lie
But you refused my help, now I have no more strength to try

Now I see, I see the lies
Looking in your eyes
In your eyes I see the lies

What I see in your eyes
I can see, you tell no lies
Looking in your eyes

Looking through my eyes

Well I would die for you
I've died enough now I'm through
But one day you will see
What won't but what should B-T-F. Please stay.

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